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We support our clients every step of the planning process. From design meetings to menu planning and itinerary creation. We ensure there is never an opportunity to feel overwhelmed or stressed out in the process.

What we do

Event Timeline

Our itemized critical path to help keep everything on track.

With your sponsor from presentation pitch to the event day recognition. 

Menu Planning

Venue Selection

Providing research, attending site visits, negotiating contracts. 

Event Committee Management

Acting as the point person for all communication and meeting planning. 

On-site Management

In charge from the moment the venue doors open to the moment the last vendor loads out.

Marketing Collateral

Managing all creative pieces including invitations, online campaigns, and event takeaways. 

Event Branding

Making your events unique, memorable and true to your brand.


Solicitation + Activation

Managing the food + beverage selection and service process. 

Event Design

Creating everything from floor plan layouts to floral arrangements.

Providing research and sourcing great on trend items and experiences. 

Auction Solicitation + Execution

Entertainment Production

Tailoring each event to keep the guests entertained.


Keeping your bottom line a priority at every step of the planning process. 

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